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Pow Server

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I strongly suggest that you use Pow server to run your Rails (or any Rack) applications locally.

It installs very fast, works with rbenv, you don’t need to configure anything and you can run multiple apps at once (each with its own version of Ruby and its own set of gems). This last advantage is particularly great because, in many occasions, you are dealing with multiple apps that are dependent on each other.

Installing pow is a breeze. At a terminal prompt do:

curl | sh

enter your password when prompted, and you are good to go.

Pow runs any rack application (rails included) with a file. Let’s say we have a rails app under ~/work/bestapp. To run your app with Pow, cd into your app’s directory and install dependencies using bundle install. Then:

cd ~/.pow

and symlink your project:

ln -s ~/work/bestapp

And now if you browse to, you will be able to see your application running with Pow. Notice that the name of the symlink specifies the hostname you will use to access the application. ~Happy days!

For more info (like restarting apps, serving static assets, viewing logs, etc) visit Pow’s awesome user manual here.

Enjoy, and pass it on!