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Announcing a New Product by ParsaLabs:

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I am excited to announce the alpha release of, whose purpose is to solve common problems faced when dealing with resumes. It was built to address my own need to be able to create and/or update my resume with ease, and faster. Some of the problems I had (before using were:

  • I always had a hard time locating the latest or a specific version of my resume. They were scattered across email, dropbox, google drive accounts. Some were even stored offline on my flash drives, etc. It was all a total mess. In many occasions, I would have to abort the hunting and resort to modifying an older version of my resume, because it was the only one I could find at the time. Fortunately now, all of my resumes are conveniently stored in 1 central location, so I don’t have that problem anymore.

  • Styling and designing resume layout used to be an absolute pain in the butt. I usually would have to go through many iterations to get it right (sort of!) and that was a waste of time. But now, using, I just enter my data/information through web forms and let the site worry about styling it.

  • One of the best formats to have your resume in, is PDF. It’s universal, it’s standard, it’s viewed the same way everywhere. But good luck converting to it from another format! makes it a breeze. I can’t begin to appreciate how relieved I am now that I don’t have to worry about conversion to PDF. It’s one of my favourite features on

  • Another feature I absolutely adore is the copy/duplicate resume capability. Often times, when applying for a different type of job (with different requirements) I find myself needing to tweak my “standard” resume slightly, and add sections and/or rearrange existing items a little bit, to highlight the relevant skills required for the position. But I have realised, time and again, that almost 80% of the items are the same. It would be great if I could sort of duplicate one of my existing resumes, and use it as a starting point to make necessary changes. enables you to do just that, by providing a “copy” button for every resume you build. It’s a small feature, but with huge impact.

  • And finally, is a free service. Even as we add new resume templates/designs, new features and enhancements, you don’t need to pay a dime.

I created this utility with care and passion, and decided to make it available for everyone to benefit from. I hope you find it useful and enjoy using it, as much as I do.

Finally, I value your feedback and suggestions greatly. If you have a feature in mind (that you think should be added to, or face a problem while using the service, or just have a question, please feel free to let me know. You can contact me either through the feedback form on the website, or by directly sending me email at Be sure that all of your messages will be read by me. :)

Sincerely, Pouya